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A close-up of a shelf full of books; the image is blurred intentionally

A PortsConsort Update – 09 May 2017

Hello, everyone.

By now, you’ll have noticed that The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium has slowed down somewhat this year; well, it’s not our intention to keep anyone in the dark about things, so please read the rest of this post for a little update on a few things

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A Southsea sunset, December 2016

PortsConsort Postcard – January 2017

There’s great pressure to approach January rested, relaxed, renascent, rejuvenated… And whatever other benign R-word you can think of. Retromingent, perhaps? No. Probably not. Many manage to achieve this, after a week or so away from the desk and the pressures of the nine to five and some are raring to get back to the routine. Huh. More R-words.

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