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A close-up of a shelf full of books; the image is blurred intentionally

A PortsConsort Update – 09 May 2017

Hello, everyone.

By now, you’ll have noticed that The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium has slowed down somewhat this year; well, it’s not our intention to keep anyone in the dark about things, so please read the rest of this post for a little update on a few things

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The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium Twitter account

The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium Hour on Twitter – #PortsConsortHr

This Thursday 09 July will see the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium introduce its Twitter hour, an opportunity to showcase a selection of its members’ work with the wider art, craft, design, making and vintage community on social media, as well as offering a chance to chat, seek advice and connect with those in and around the creative and vintage community in Portsmouth and Southsea.

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Crane of Thrones – The Morning After the Etsy Craft Party

The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium was proud to take part in its first Etsy Craft Party this year – a celebration of meeting, making, creativity and community. The theme for the two-day event was given as ‘kaleidoscope: paper taking shape’, and Etsy teams up and down the country were encouraged to come together, along with members of their local area to share a little about them, what they do and why they do it, as they joined together creator and community.

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