Lovely People

The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium was co-founded by these lovely people:

Roberta Fidora

Roberta Fidora is a freelance illustrator and animator with a penchant for budgerigars, abandoned buildings and good whiskey. Always outnumbered, never outpunned.

As a child, she believed someone was paid to paint all the little knives and forks on Welcome Break motorway service station signs up and down the country and dreamed of having that job when she grew up so much that she went and did an illustration degree*. Upon discovery that her dream job was very much a dream, she worked hard to develop what has become a celebrated unique illustration style whilst helping people avoid ‘lad rock’ in record shops and earning a crust at a pie restaurant.

She keeps her website,, well-stocked with her original designs and carefully chosen, fairly-priced vintage items. Her greeting and occasion cards are stocked in record and book shops all over the World, and her exquisite taste in retro items has seen her wares bought as props and set pieces for fashion shoots and film productions.

*That’s probably not why she chose to do an illustration degree, to be honest…

Photo of Tom Jeram-West

Tom Jeram-West is a crocheter, knitter and sewist often found bothering stray cats. They like schedules, stationery and swearing.

They grew up wanting to be Carrie Bradshaw but somehow ended up somewhere between Miss Moneypenny and Gunther from Friends, paying most of their bills either by filing and typing, or making coffee. They got into craft and handmade ‘seriously’ during their languages and fashion journalism degrees, and these have completely taken over to the point where they now literally can’t bear to leave home without having packed some sock knitting.

Their personal blog,, is a personal miscellany. Their professional blog, The Five to Nine, is a diary of their exploration and interrogation of their creative practice. They’re not that good at updating either on a regular basis. Their craft and design interests are in fibre and textiles, and they occasionally design and make crocheted or knitted accessories inspired and influenced by plant life combining form, function and fun.

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