The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium was founded in 2014 to help support and showcase the creativity, originality and skill of artisans, artists, crafters, designers and makers in and around the Portsmouth and Southsea area, as well as the keen curatorial eye of its vintage sellers.

It is both a project to explore, interrogate and support creative practices, and a naturally diverse creative community of inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary practitioners, participating actively in collaboration and co-operation for mutual benefit, prioritising the exchange of advice, knowledge and support over competition, influence and status.

The Consortium aims to find and facilitate opportunities for the above to:

Collaborate with individuals from their local area to solve problems and close skills gaps, creating and maintaining networks of long-lasting and meaningful professional relationships.

Participate in activities within the local community, developing and enhancing the relationships between residents and visitors, and creative practitioners.

‘Pay it forward’ to the next generation of creative individuals by sharing the benefit of their education, experience and knowledge in an objective and pragmatic manner.

Undertake fairly-paid freelance work related to their chosen creative discipline(s), and to be supported effectively and efficiently in their creative entrepreneurship.

Commercialise products resulting from their creative practices in order to achieve a sustainable income from these as well as making an active contribution to the local creative economy.

The Consortium is entirely voluntary in nature. It’s a part-time effort born from its co-founders’ full-time passion for the creative industries, and paid for by the fruits of their 9 to 5 grinds and freelance portfolios. You can find out more about these lovely people here.

There is also a Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium Etsy team, for those sellers in the local area with an Etsy shop. The Consortium seeks to engage with the varied opportunities Etsy offers its sellers, as well as helping develop a community of participants who advise, encourage and promote one another.

If you’re curious about getting involved with the Consortium in any way, then please get in touch. You can also find the Consortium on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.

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