Etsy Made Local December 2015

Etsy Made Local 2015 – Photo Gallery

As the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium looks forward to what we might accomplish in 2016, we’ve thought back on our success organising one of the Etsy Made Local markets in December 2015 at aspex, a contemporary gallery in Gunwharf Quays. These markets gave people all over the UK the opportunity to buy from selected Etsy sellers in person, connecting with their creative community and exploring some of the inspiration and skill behind what was on offer. Read a little more about Etsy Made Local and check out some of our favourite photos in this post.

We welcomed approximately 500 visitors over the weekend – many of these told us they’d made the trip to aspex to visit our Etsy Made Local, which was a lovely thing to hear; some found their way over to us once they’d finished up their shopping in Gunwharf Quays. All of the visitors with whom we spoke told us that it was wonderful to see so many members of Portsmouth and Southsea’s creative community in the same place at the same time – and quite a few expressed a great deal of pride that we have such a community in and around this area, proving that we need to do everything we can to make sure we continue to communicate and promote our creative identity and what we make and sell.

One of the highlights of the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local market was the fact that many of the visitors to the market were able to talk with those selling about their particular art, craft or discipline, and learn about their creativity, originality and skill. It’s incredibly important to pass on the value of creativity and making, and everyone involved was able to do so.

It was also a great experience being able to talk with people about the value and worth of small independent businesses, and to encourage those visiting to investigate local and small options for buying both for themselves and others before turning to large brands and mass-produced goods.

The Consortium, and all of the sellers who participated, remain extremely grateful to both aspex and Etsy; our Etsy Made Local market would not have been possible without the valuable support from each of these organisations.

Official photography for the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium’s Etsy Made Local 2015 market by Vera Hadzhiyska.

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