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Etsy Made Local – Meet the Makers – Teapot Magpie

In the run-up to the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local Christmas market on 05 and 06 December at aspex, Gunwharf Quays, some of those who’ll sell at this will share a little about themselves and their businesses here on the Consortium’s website. In this post, find out a little about The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium co-founder Tom West’s Teapot Magpie, and his contemporary crocheted accessories.

Tom West has been working with yarn and fabric for over fifteen years, and designing and making accessories for over ten. He loves being able to turn an idea into an object, and says that every sale is a rewarding experience for which he is always thankful. Teapot Magpie is his showcase of fun and functional accessories for people and places – he makes up his original designs by hand for you to enjoy every day.

Flowers, fruits and vegetables are the main source of inspiration for Tom’s work; he says there’s something in the colours and shapes that you find in plants and produce that fuels his creativity and inspires him to try new materials and methods to replicate these with hook and yarn. Tom believes he works best when he work with nature in both figurative and literal ways, reflecting his choice to work primarily with natural materials; he limits the use of the synthetic to where it is essential.

Tom uses a sense of fun to balance form and function in his work; everything is both pretty and practical, and will last for ages. He tells that he’s tried to test each of his designs to destruction without success: “The materials I use and my artisanship have survived everything I’ve tried to throw at them!”

Teapot Magpie Product

When people ask Tom why they should buy handmade, he replies: “The artisanal shouldn’t have to ‘fight for a rightful place’ alongside the mechanically mass-produced. We made with our hands long before we made with machines, and every time you buy handmade and make it a part of your everyday – every day – it’s a proud vote of confidence in the creativity, skill and sustainability of independent businesses, makers and sellers.”

Visit Teapot Magpie on Etsy to find out more: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/teapotmagpie

Teapot Magpie will sell at Etsy Made Local on Sunday 06 December 2015.

The content for this post was provided by Teapot Magpie and edited by The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium.

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