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Etsy Made Local – Meet the Makers – Lucia Para

In the run-up to the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local Christmas market on 05 and 06 December at aspex, Gunwharf Quays, some of those who’ll sell at this will share a little about themselves and their businesses here on the Consortium’s website. In this post, find out a little about Lucia Para and her art.

Lucia Para is an Italian artist based on the wonderful Isle of Wight. Her art comes from a traditional painting background learned at the Florence Fine Art Academy in Italy, where she really enjoyed discovering the ancient techniques once in use amongst great masters such as Giotto and Leonardo.

Following her studies, Lucia moved kept alive the connection with, and the interest in, her personal and cultural roots, and developed at the same time her personal style, which she says expresses with freedom a pure and true world – that of fairy tales.

Lucia’s greatest loves are nature and woodlands, and wild animals such as squirrels, foxes and deer. These elements often are the main inspiration for her art.

When Lucia studied art, she says she became aware of the responsibility that a ‘creator of images’ has: Pictures ‘bypass the brain’ and connect with a much deeper level of understanding than, for example, words, and that’s why she feels it is so important to her to create the messages in her work through images and colours – these deliberately speak to the soul, aiming to create a sense of joy and light.

Alongside her interests in images and illustration, Lucia has always been really passionate about craft – especially textiles – and she sees England as a deep well of treasures in the heritage of applied arts and decoration. Lucia really love the ‘quirky’ idea of dressing things with fabric: from furniture to lamps, walls, windows and much more.

From time to time, Lucia finds herself also involved in creating objects of different sorts, but all with the main purpose of bringing beauty into our lives, as she truly believe that it can make a real difference to our happiness.

Recently, Lucia started teaching and sharing some of the techniques she uses, and my passion about art, in her Art and Textile workshops, which she says have so far been “a very nice experience”.

Lucia Para Product

You can find information about Lucia and her work in her blog Tales in Light (, and on her website at Lucia invites you to take a look at her work and have a chat with her at the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local Christmas market in Portsmouth.

Visit Lucia Para on Etsy to find out more:

Lucia Para will sell at Etsy Made Local on Saturday 05 December 2015.

The content for this post was provided by Lucia Para and edited by The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium.

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