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In the run-up to the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local Christmas market on 05 and 06 December at aspex, Gunwharf Quays, some of those who’ll sell at this will share a little about themselves and their businesses here on the Consortium’s website. In this post, find out a little about linseymouse and her hand drawn greeting cards and paper goods.

linseymouse was launched at the end of 2013, after Linsey Sinclair’s successful but unanticipated career in catering. At 28, she did what she calls ‘the classic Linsey’ and quit the day job, (something she’d done before) for a month long jaunt around India, insisting she wouldn’t go back to running restaurants (something she’d also done before).

This time, she would go away and return with an idea in mind to write chalkboards for a living. “People do that, don’t they?!” She asks.

Linsey took the nickname that she had been given in her first ever waitressing job and used it to brand the business. She began with creating wedding stationery for a friend and writing chalkboards for a local business and, soon enough, she was custom lettering all sorts of things. She holds no qualification in design, lettering or business, but she does have the passion to better herself every day. “I won’t lie,” she says, “self-teaching is a pretty tough challenge on most days.”

Freelancing as a hand lettering artist soon evolved into greeting card designing as well and the online shop opened in February 2014. It took months to get that first sale but, when it came though, Linsey was thrilled, and determined it was the start of something much more rewarding for her.

Linsey runs her small, creative business independently in beautiful Southsea. Working from her little basement flat studio, just a few steps from the sea, she creates clean, contemporary hand lettered and illustrated paper goods and chalk art, taking inspiration from uncomplicated, attractive and effortlessly simple things – “but, essentially,” she adds, “it’s just my everyday handwriting and scribbles made into things that I think look nice and hope that other people might think they look nice too.”

A lot of ideas come from using common expressions to conversations from her daily life, and also from developing bespoke ideas with customers that I then think are too good not to share. Linsey often has light bulb moments in the middle of the night and has to scurry around to make a note of them because she worries she will forget them by morning.

linseymouse Product

linseymouse collections range from eccentric cat pun illustrated cards to luxury hand lettered typographic designs. All products are handmade and packaged to order; cards are individually lettered or drawn onto really lovely tactile card stock – “because”, Linsey says, “I’m all about the look and feel when it comes to paper goods and stationery.”

Visit linseymouse on Etsy to find out more:

linseymouse will sell at Etsy Made Local on Sunday 06 December 2015.

The content for this post was provided by linseymouse and edited by The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium.

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