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In the run-up to the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local Christmas market on 05 and 06 December at aspex, Gunwharf Quays, some of those who’ll sell at this will share a little about themselves and their businesses here on the Consortium’s website. In this post, find out a little about La Boutique Southsea and their handcrafted jewellery.

Celive Purvis, AKA La Boutique Southsea, started making jewellery in her late teens, when she was living in France, and has now been crafting for over 10 years.

Her first few pieces were woven Swarovski crystal rings, and she says that she still has a soft spot for that particular material. Since then, she has learnt to make so much more, from simple earrings to more intricate bracelets.

Celine has also tried new techniques such as using pliers, wires, findings and polymer clay, as well as widening the range of materials that she uses. In her bead box, you will usually find glass beads, metal charms, freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver, as well as the original Swarovski crystals she has always loved. Celine believes that artisan work should inspire quality, so she always does her best to choose quality materials for her pieces (plastic components are a big no no for La Boutique Southsea Jewellery).

La Boutique Southsea Product

A few years back, when Celine’s house started filling with all her beaded pieces and experiments, her partner Will hinted very strongly that she should try to sell some of her pieces before making more again. That’s how La Boutique Southsea was born. Celine does everything from the jewellery design to crafting the pieces and packing it to send to her customers. Will designs all her business cards, boxes and banners.

Celine loves playing with new designs and ideas, and is therefore always happy to look into custom designs – something her mother takes as a challenge every year for Christmas…

Visit La Boutique Southsea on Etsy to find out more:

La Boutique Southsea will sell at Etsy Made Local on Sunday 06 December 2015.

The content for this post was provided by La Boutique Southsea and edited by The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium.

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