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Etsy Made Local – Meet the Makers – Emma Allard Smith

In the run-up to the Consortium’s Etsy Made Local Christmas market on 05 and 06 December at aspex, Gunwharf Quays, some of those who’ll sell at this will share a little about themselves and their businesses here on the Consortium’s website. In this post, find out a little about Emma Allard Smith and her colourful watercolour art, patterns, stationery and homewares.

Emma Allard Smith is an artist, fabric designer and maker based in Westbourne on the Hampshire/Sussex border, who creates colourful watercolour art, patterns, stationery and homewares. Emma’s style is quite loose and simple, and always features a lot of colour.

Emma loves colour and is continually inspired by nature and the coast; she’s spent the last few years either travelling around the UK in a camper van or camping in Western Australia, so she has a large amount of source material for inspiration: mountains, beaches, forests and cities. Emma also has a particular fondness for the camper vans and caravans that often pop up in her designs.

Emma’s process usually begins with pen sketches, watercolour experiments and outlines on tracing paper. These all get scanned in to her computer to be played around with a bit more. Once she’s happy with the digital icons, she creates repeating patterns that she can then get printed onto fabric or paper. Emma makes all her tea towels, cushions, bunting, notebooks and art prints herself from her home studio.

Although Emma’s been painting and creating since she was little, it hasn’t always had the prominence in her life it has now; along the way, she’s picked up a PhD in astrophysics and trained as an accountant, and become a mum.

Having her son really made Emma think about what she wanted from life, and she realised that painting and making is her true passion. The more she creates, the more inspiration she finds.

Creating art with a toddler around can be challenging at times; Emma says that she quite often has to work in the evenings once he is asleep or during his nap times. However, she says they have lots of fun creating and getting messy together during the day, and he quite often inspires her with his uninhibited creative experiments.

Emma Allard Smith Product

Emma still feels as though she has so much more to learn, and her work seems to be on an ever-evolving journey. In 2016, she hopes to be much more focused with her art. As her little boy becomes more independent, she’s started to get a little more time to herself, which she’d like to use to take some design courses and begin creating collections rather than just random patterns.

Visit Emma Allard Smith’s website to find out more: http://www.emmaallardsmith.com/

Emma Allard Smith will sell at Etsy Made Local on Sunday 06 December 2015.

The content for this post was provided by Emma Allard Smith and edited by The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium.

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