Etsy European Captains Summit 2015 in Amsterdam

On the weekend of the 10th October, I (Roberta) had the wonderful opportunity to represent our fine city of Portsmouth (and beyond in splendid Hampshire) at the Etsy European Captains Summit in Amsterdam and meet with other Etsy team captains from all over Europe to share our successes, experiences and challenges.

Kindly organised by Etsy staff, this was a chance for over 70 of us (I know, right?) to present our thoughts, feedback and stories about what it means to be part of a team and how we can work together to form strong communities, which, in our case means having a supportive group of creative folks who value the area’s distinctive culture and reflect that in their creative output – something I was very proud to talk to others about (and display in the form of my Gingerthread House brooch and Emma Nicol embroidered purse!).

The weekend took the form of several insightful discussion groups facilitated by Etsy’s helpful team of staff, in which we chatted about topics such as Etsy Made Local, links with other teams both in the UK and overseas, organising team events, design and administrative support from Etsy, self-employment vs. day job commitments, fan art, copyright and much more!

We’re looking forward to sharing some of this with you and having a natter during #PortsConsortHr on Twitter (Thursdays, 8-9pm GMT) plus our forthcoming meetups. In the meantime though, check out some of the photographs and set your reminders for Thursday!

P. S. If, like myself, you love old home wares, you’ll never be short of beautiful things to look at in Amsterdam’s many vintage shops and markets. I went to a lovely shop called May Antiek, where I bought some pennant flags for my collection! YAY FOR FLAGS!

Holland Pennant Flag

IMG_6334 IMG_6337 IMG_6342 IMG_6344 IMG_6349 IMG_6352 IMG_6366 IMG_6370 IMG_6379 IMG_6388 IMG_6397

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