Southsea Night Markets 2015 artwork by Roberta Fidora

Southsea Night Markets – Friday 31 July

After the torrential downpour of Friday 24 July, it was a relief to have a resplendent blue sky over Old Portsmouth for the Southsea Night Market hosted on 31 July, and to once again welcome sellers and buyers to the arches off Broad Street to showcase and sell locally-produced handcrafts and designs.

We had around 110 visitors to the arches over the course of the evening, not including groups of pigeons or children who were roughhousing nearby… Those who’d never before been to one of the Southsea Night Markets were amazed by the range and quality of what was on offer – a testament to the creativity, originality and skill of those behind the stalls! We also enjoyed a few repeat customers, who couldn’t resist coming again, and visits from friends, always welcome.

We’re also very grateful to April of Figment Apparel for passing round what remained of a portion of chips once she’d had her fill, ensuring her immediate popularity amongst the sellers!
Our thanks, as always, to the sellers who came along on the night – it’s them and the things they make that people come to see!

The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium received a kind invitation from Portsmouth City Council to extend the Southsea Night Markets throughout August; however, due to a large number of participants indicating a number of clashing commitments over the next month, we’ll be unable to take them up on that offer, meaning that the Southsea Night Markets are now over for 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those at Portsmouth City Council for their help in making the last month’s Markets happen – their help securing the location and promoting the Markets was absolutely essential to their success; we couldn’t have done it without them!

The sellers from the Southsea Night Markets will be back one last time before the summer’s over, though. As a way to help promote the changes that are coming to the arches in Old Portsmouth, the Consortium is facilitating a ‘Southsea Day Market’ on Sunday 13 September, from 10:30-15:00 at the same location. Come down to find out more about the changes to the area that will enhance the activities of the local creative community, as well as having another chance to buy direct from local artists, crafters, designers and makers. If you’d like to join us as a seller on that date, please get in touch!

Poster for the Hot Walls arts and crafts event in September 2015

Now that the July Markets are over, we’ll be putting all our energy into preparing for our Etsy Made Local market this coming December 2015, as well as actively continuing to look for varied opportunities to showcase and support the creative community in and around Portsmouth and Southsea. Do keep an eye out on this site and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information – in fact, why not join us on Twitter every Thursday, 8:00pm-9:00pm UK time, for #PortsConsortHr? And remember, if you’re an Etsy seller in or local to Portsmouth and Southsea, make sure to join the Consortium’s Etsy team!

Below, we’ve a few of our favourite Instagram photos from the past few weeks of Southsea Night Markets that show off a lot of what was on offer – if you’re curious to see a few more, and find out a little more about the people behind the photos, you should browse the #SouthseaNights hashtag on Instagram!

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