Etsy Made Local December 2015

Etsy Made Local 2015 – Selection Process Update

Our thanks to the many and varied artists, crafters, designers, makers, recyclers, upcyclers and vintage sellers who applied to participate in the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium’s Etsy Made Local market this coming December 2015. This post contains a short update about the selection process for the event.

Due to the large volume of applicants and changes in the availability of some members of the selecting panel, additional time is needed to complete the selection process. We apologise for any inconvenience and/or frustration to which this might give rise whilst applicants wait for a response; however, we want to ensure a diligent and fair process that does not compromise, and thank applicants in advance for their patience.

We (Roberta and Tom) have also taken the decision to remove ourselves from the selecting panel. As we went through the applications received, we realised that we know a number of applicants either personally or in a close professional capacity and, although we trust ourselves to act impartially, objectively and pragmatically, we would like to remove the possibility for conflict(s) of interest to rise.

We anticipate being able to make the first results known to applicants from 07 August 2015, and will continue to provide updates where needed.

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