Southsea Night Markets 2015 artwork by Roberta Fidora

Southsea Night Markets – Friday 17 July

The third Southsea Night Market started off as a rather grey and blustery affair that saw everyone who came down take shelter in the arches themselves! The wind died down a little and the sun came out later on in the evening, which brought along a good number of local residents and visitors of the area to browse and buy.

The 130 or so people who passed through each of the arches on Friday evening were a curious bunch, and many asked good questions about what was being sold; it’s really important to take time to engage with those behind the stalls and understand the value of the work on offer. As artists, crafters, designers and makers, it’s so important to talk with people about our creativity and skill, and increasing understanding of small-scale production processes – and the many and varied reasons we do what we do.

Our thanks go to all the sellers who have helped make the Southsea Night Markets a success so far – we couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the month, and we’ve seen such an incredible display of creativity on each person’s stall – we’re in awe of you all, and all you do.

This week’s Southsea Night Market takes place during the America’s Cup World Series, on what they call ‘Fast Friday’ – we’re anticipating a large number of visitors in and around Old Portsmouth on the night as they make their way to and from race events; if you’re coming down, dress in your best red, white and blue to help us celebrate this event!

Please find below a selection of images from the night showcasing just a small number of the items on offer from the sellers present:

Our thanks again to the Square Tower for being open on Friday evening, offering those visiting the area the chance to buy a light refreshment. Unfortunately, they’ll be closed this coming Friday due to other commitments, but we hope to see their doors open wide for the last of July’s markets on Friday 31.

If you’d like to participate in the Southsea Night Markets as a seller, then you can find all the information you need in our ‘call for participants’ post – remember, this is a free opportunity!

Add yourself to the Southsea Night Markets 2015 Facebook event here, to let us know if you’re coming to browse, buy or sell – and spread the word!

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