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The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium Hour on Twitter – #PortsConsortHr

This Thursday 09 July will see the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium introduce its Twitter hour, an opportunity to showcase a selection of its members’ work with the wider art, craft, design, making and vintage community on social media, as well as offering a chance to chat, seek advice and connect with those in and around the creative and vintage community in Portsmouth and Southsea.

The Twitter hour will run between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on Thursday evenings, and use the hashtag #PortsConsortHr to collate tweets sent during this time. Anyone is, of course, welcome to browse the hashtag, and may discover something or someone wonderful as they scroll through, taking in the versatile and vibrant creativity and curatorial eye of the Consortium’s members.

If you’re already part of the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium, why not have a browse to see what other folks are making or finding on their travels, offer advice where it might be needed and be an active participant in a growing creative community?

The first #PortsConsortHr will also see those belonging to the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium Etsy team offering advice to potential applicants to its Etsy Made Local 2015 Christmas market – with the 15 July deadline approaching, it’s the perfect time to ask any and all questions about the market and/or the application process.

We hope to see you there – every week!

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