Southsea Night Markets 2015 artwork by Roberta Fidora

Southsea Night Markets 2015 – Call for Participants

If you’re an artisan, artist, crafter, designer or maker eager to showcase your handmade wares at an open-air summer market in a historic setting, then the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium has the perfect opportunity for you – the Southsea Night Markets.

The Southsea Night Markets are proud to return for a second year this coming July 2015, moving to Old Portsmouth from Southsea seafront, where the first markets were held in August 2014.  They will run from 4:00pm to 8:00pm every Friday in July, starting Friday 03 July, on the site of the ARTches project, bringing together the best of Portsmouth and Southsea’s artists, artisans and makers to sell their handmade items.

As with last year, what’s for sale depends on who’s involved. Some sellers might be there each week, whilst others might come and go – giving a reason to come back each week to see what’s new. Visitors could find unique illustrations and prints; knitted and crocheted items; jewellery and accessories; or hand-thrown pottery and ceramics. Don’t just come and sell your handmade items – come and sell them in historic Old Portsmouth, where you could bask in the summer evening warmth and hear the waves crashing on Hot Walls beach – just a stone’s throw away!

It’s been agreed with Portsmouth City Council that they will charge no fee to any seller participating in the Southsea Night Markets – and neither will the Consortium.

If you’re interested in participating in the Southsea Night Markets, we ask you to note the information below and get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you no matter what your creative discipline!

1. Click here to read through the ‘Information for Sellers’ sheet for Southsea Night Markets 2015 participants. It contains all the practical details about dates, times, location, parking and setting up, along with other information that may be of use. You might also wish to copy details from the Consortium’s Google Calendar.

2. Get in touch with us to confirm your participation. You’ll need to provide us with all your contact details so that we can add you to our Southsea Night Markets mailing list – don’t worry, this is only for the duration of the Makets and used to keep you up-to-date with things, including any future Southsea Night Markets. If you send us your social media details, too, we’ll use these to promote your attendance at the Markets. Make sure to tell us which of the five Southsea Night Market dates you’ll be able to make.

You’ll need to provide copies of your personal liability insurance and, where applicable, employer’s liability insurance. E-mail these to us once we’ve replied to you confirming your participation. We need to collate these documents in the event proof you hold this is requested by an authorised representative of Portsmouth City Council.

Portsmouth City Council are going to ask that every seller who attends the Markets sign a brief agreement about conduct whilst at the Broad Street site. We’ve been told to expect this at any time over the coming days, and will pass on a copy as soon as it’s received. As we don’t know the precise nature of this yet, please feel free to hold off confirming your attendance until you’ve had the chance to read through this document. A scan of a signed copy, or your written agreement received via e-mail, will be required along with your insurance certificate(s) prior to attending.

3. Add yourself to the Southsea Night Markets Facebook event, and share this with friends, family and others you know who might be interested in coming. It’s going to take a collective effort from all attending to promote the Markets, so please get involved! The more people who know about it, the more who are more likely to come. Remember to use the hashtag #SouthseaNights on Instagram and Twitter if you’re talking about the Markets there.

4. Turn up! We look forward to seeing you just off Broad Street in Old Portsmouth. As it says in the Information for Sellers sheet, we’ll start to arrive from 15:30 on each of the Market days to start trading from 16:00.

5. Repeat! You’re more than welcome to come to every single one of the Southsea Night Markets to sell (providing there’s enough space, of course; we’re limited to the areas indicated in the Information for Sellers sheet). If you’re curious about other events at which you can sell as part of the Consortium, why not check out our Etsy Made Local 2015 opportunity?

If you’re curious about the 2014 Markets, you can read about them on our co-founder Tom’s blog, and also on 2014 Markets’ co-organiser Georgina Giles’ blog. We’ve included a selection of images from last year’s Markets below, so you can get a taste of what might be on offer this year. Whether buying or selling, we hope very much to see you there!

All photography in this post by Matt Cleveland.

You can read the official press release for the Southsea Night Markets 2015 here.

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