Crane of Thrones – The Morning After the Etsy Craft Party

The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium was proud to take part in its first Etsy Craft Party this year – a celebration of meeting, making, creativity and community. The theme for the two-day event was given as ‘kaleidoscope: paper taking shape’, and Etsy teams up and down the country were encouraged to come together, along with members of their local area to share a little about them, what they do and why they do it, as they joined together creator and community.

At the Consortium’s Etsy team is spread far and wide across Portsmouth and Southsea, we decided on a slightly different approach to our Craft Party – our makers made items to share with people wherever they were. It meant that everyone who was willing and able to participate did so without having to worry about making their way to a specific place at a specific time, and we made an impact with the community right across the area in which we live – and beyond, thanks to social media!

We took the ‘paper taking shape’ theme quite literally, and made a range of origami objects between us to share with those interested in learning a little more about the creative community that surrounds them, as well as those curious about developing their own creativity! We left paper budgerigars, cranes, owls, snails and t-shirts in local independent businesses, where they’re already being discovered by curious clients and customers…

We couldn’t be happier if we tried about how the Craft Party went – everyone who saw our paper masterpieces (ahem) was taken with them and eager to share our creativity and the spirit of the Consortium. Check out the below gallery for some of our drops and see if you recognise where the photos have been taken – there might even be a piece of origami left the next time you visit!

Also, we offered Consortium members the chance to win the ‘crane of thrones’ for the most ambitious, beautiful or complicated piece of origami left out there – or just for having made the most! We’re particularly impressed with the contributions from Emma Nicol Illustration, Gingerthread House, Load of Ol’ Bobbins and The Rhubarb Tree – can you guess who made what from the gallery below?

If you want to have a bash at making your own origami crane, you can check out the tutorial we posted on our Etsy Craft Party 2015 post. One of our co-founders, Tom, made 24 cranes from the snazzy papers in his archive of Mollie Makes magazines. What do you think?

Our special thanks to Home Coffee Southsea, Make and the Craft Kitchen, Mells and Whimsey, Southsea Coffee Co.Strong Island and The Tea Tray for their support during the Craft Party!

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