A close-up photograph of sharpened colouring pencils

PortsConsort Postcard – May 2017

When was the last time someone told you they really liked your work? What about the last time someone told someone else they really liked your work – are you able to think of that? And… What about the last time you told someone that you really liked someone else’s work – do you know when that was?

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A close-up of a shelf full of books; the image is blurred intentionally

A PortsConsort Update – 09 May 2017

Hello, everyone.

By now, you’ll have noticed that The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium has slowed down somewhat this year; well, it’s not our intention to keep anyone in the dark about things, so please read the rest of this post for a little update on a few things

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A tree branch covered in pink blossom against a blue spring sky

PortsConsort Postcard – April 2017

We like to think that our creative communities – of whichever ones we become a part – are diverse; and that these celebrate and encourage this diversity… But, if they are, and they do, then shouldn’t this encompass diversity in all its forms? We don’t just mean, for example, diversity of gender identity, nationality and race, but also diversity of idea and emotion, of creative process and creative practice.

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Etsy UK Captains Summit 2017, London

Etsy UK Captains Summit 2017: The Debrief

Hello, everyone – Tom here. This weekend just gone, I had the pleasure of attending my second Etsy UK Captains Summit, and my first one as the captain of our Etsy team. At the same time as being a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow captains, co-captains and leaders across the UK, and Etsy staff, it presents an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences that allow us to develop both ourselves and our creative communities – and it was the subject of community that popped up more often than not over the weekend, in different ways. After a few days thinking over what was said and what I took away from the summit, I’m taking the opportunity to put down a few thoughts.

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A close-up of a jar of knitting needles

PortsConsort Postcard – March 2017

To us, a creative community means a naturally diverse group of inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary practitioners, participating actively in collaboration and co-operation for mutual benefit, prioritising the exchange of advice, knowledge and support over competition, influence and status. This type of community-based and driven thinking and doing has brought us this far, to a point where the creative industries contribute significantly to cultural, societal and political development – not to mention local and national economies – so why does it feel as if we’re gently moving away from this?

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A shelf of artist's materials

PortsConsort Postcard – February 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a number of independent and small-to-medium business, encompassing artists, artisans, craftspeople, designers, makers and all manner of other categories of creative professional come under fire from colleagues, contemporaries and peers alike for using their professional platforms to express political sentiments. We just want to take a couple of minutes to reassure you that it’s OK for you to be political on your professional platforms, or via any other method of communication you have with your customers, partners or suppliers, for example.

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Art and craft materials: pencils, dip pens and knitting needles

PortsConsort Professional Development Survey 2017

Note added, 01 March 2017: The PortsConsort Professional Development Survey 2017 has now closed.

Note added, 20 February 2017: The deadline for completing this survey has been extended to 17:00 on Tuesday 28 February 2017.

At recent meetings of the Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium’s members, it was indicated that opportunities for professional development, facilitated by the Consortium, would be a welcome addition to our 2017 events calendar. With this in mind, we have designed the below survey to capture information on what kind of professional development creative individuals in and around our local area would like to undertake in 2017.

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A Southsea sunset, December 2016

PortsConsort Postcard – January 2017

There’s great pressure to approach January rested, relaxed, renascent, rejuvenated… And whatever other benign R-word you can think of. Retromingent, perhaps? No. Probably not. Many manage to achieve this, after a week or so away from the desk and the pressures of the nine to five and some are raring to get back to the routine. Huh. More R-words.

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PortsConsort Etsy Made Local 2016 at Square Tower, Old Portsmouth

PortsConsort Etsy Made Local 2016 – Photo Gallery

Hello, everyone – Tom here. Now that we’ve all fully recovered from our #PortsConsortXmas #EtsyMadeLocal Christmas market earlier this month, I wanted to swing by and tell you all a few things that, to be honest, you probably already know. Oh, and to share a few photos from the event!

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PortsConsort Etsy Made Local 2016 Banner

PortsConsort Etsy Made Local 2016 – Meet the Makers

Well, this weekend sees the second Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium Etsy Made Local Christmas market! Use that wage packet you’ve just received to buy handmade, buy handmade and buy local this Friday 02 and Saturday 03 December 2016 at Square Tower, Portsmouth! We bet, by now, you’re curious as to which of the Consortium’s Etsy team‘s members will be there – if you read this post, you’ll find out!

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